Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?

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  • 게시일 2020. 07. 30.
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    What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You've eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the "rules" of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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댓글 • 100

  • Owen Paterson
    Owen Paterson 7 시간 전

    Whelp, need to make a sandwich.

  • Brenda Laurenza
    Brenda Laurenza 7 시간 전 +1

    A hot dog is it's own thing: a hot dog

  • BlueScircle
    BlueScircle 7 시간 전

    MatPat really just made fun of my Hogwarts house huh

  • Spicy ghost gamer jake
    Spicy ghost gamer jake 7 시간 전

    Man for once I think my state mass isn’t so “regular”

  • B G
    B G 7 시간 전 +1

    Grilled cheese isn't a sandwich!

  • SepticSkylar
    SepticSkylar 7 시간 전

    that intro was rude xD i'm a hufflepuff!

  • Gameboylord2
    Gameboylord2 7 시간 전

  • Seal Of Approval
    Seal Of Approval 7 시간 전

    Ah yes finally, the thoughts that keep me up at night are answered

  • kspol
    kspol 7 시간 전

    is cereal a soup? because if you put cereal then milk its a salad (the milk is the dressing) and a soup if you put milk first (because soup)

  • •goldfish brain•
    •goldfish brain• 8 시간 전 +1

    At 7:16 the words *Conspiracy Theory* pop up with a blue background.
    In another video, MatPat shows us
    *another version* of the Game Theory logo; BUT its *blue and has a triangle with an eye, resembling the Illuminati in the middle* .
    Is MatPat foreshadowing another Channel? For conspiracies perhaps?

  • Maya Sharafeldin
    Maya Sharafeldin 8 시간 전

    Haven’t watched yet but I am sure that hotdogs are tacos.

  • Maya Warner
    Maya Warner 8 시간 전

    Is the fourth channel going to be conspiracy theories? Pls say it is

  • ShapeCrafterStudios
    ShapeCrafterStudios 8 시간 전

    I’ve paused the video at 2:21 to say this is the comments. A Hotdog is a Sub, so technically a sandwich
    EDIT: ok so wait a second...
    👇 *Spoilers below*👇
    A Sub Isn’t considered by this definition a sandwich, so it’s own thing, right? A Sub in made on a bun, likewise to a Hotdog. Everything else however does follow the definition of a proper Sandwich, so a sub can’t be a Hotdog.
    What’s a Sub?

  • Melissa Kelch
    Melissa Kelch 8 시간 전

    hotdogs kinda taste like salami salami can go on a sandwich so is a hotdog a topping of a sandwich if so the hotdog could be a sandwich someday if someone makes a sandwich with a hotdog in the middle with cheese and vegtable ITS A SANDWICH

  • Melissa Kelch
    Melissa Kelch 8 시간 전

    i was most focused on finding waldo

  • T N
    T N 8 시간 전

    You shouldn’t try to define sandwiches it’s like wormhole paradoxes

  • derrick daniels
    derrick daniels 8 시간 전

    I typically describe a sandwich as quote" any food(s) or culinary item(s) that is cosumed in conjunction with 1 or more pieces of bread". So for me personally a hotdog is a sandwich but not all sandwiches are hotdogs same with pizza, burritos etc.

  • T N
    T N 8 시간 전

    So blue will be conspiracy theory?

  • SheNeverMisses
    SheNeverMisses 8 시간 전

    A note if anyone decides to come to Massachusetts, Worcester is pronounced like Wuster. And if you pronounce it otherwise, we might laugh. Also, Chatham you leave out the second H while pronouncing it, but other towns like Framingham, you leave it in.

  • derrick daniels
    derrick daniels 8 시간 전

    Maybe the blue part of the theory channels could be Conspiracy theory

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 9 시간 전

    Jokes on you! I put my hotdogs (bun and all) between two pieces of bread.

  • Paul Doucette
    Paul Doucette 9 시간 전

    That town in Massachusetts is pronounced woos-ter.

  • Puro Legend
    Puro Legend 9 시간 전 +1

    I heard it
    does that mean there is a conspiracy theory?

    Coincidence i think Not
    everyone does the best for last
    But,its just a theory a *COMMENT THEORY*

  • Isaac Chaffe
    Isaac Chaffe 9 시간 전

    The bowls are the colours of the ring on the logo

  • Bruno terra
    Bruno terra 9 시간 전 +2

    The brazillian hot dogs are better than american ones

    That s just a fact

  • Edward Dumaguindin
    Edward Dumaguindin 10 시간 전

    I guess this means Subway doesn't count as a sandwich.

  • MegaJonnyboy10
    MegaJonnyboy10 10 시간 전

    A hotdog is not a sandwich because it doesn't require a bun. You still call it a hotdog even if it doesn't have bread. It's the meat, not the whole.

  • Ava
    Ava 10 시간 전

    I’m actually excited it’s not a sandwich it just doesn’t seem like it’s in that category. CONSIDERING ITS ONE LOAF OF BREAD!!!🌭🌭

  • Zach Wolf
    Zach Wolf 10 시간 전

    Two pieces of bread and a thing between them is what I've always known. So unless ya really man handle that hotdog buns I've never seen it

  • Nkosie Zikalala
    Nkosie Zikalala 10 시간 전

    In my opinion (before finishing this video) Hot dog is a Hamburger. Sandwich = breed/burger = buns. Just my opinion

  • Debbito Mobburī
    Debbito Mobburī 10 시간 전

    so what if you dont have a bun. What if you just have a piece of bread that so happen to split? Also what about the people that spread their toppings on their slice of bread instead of squirting on top of the meat....pause. My point is, if we go through that notion, is it then considered a sandwich?

  • Filhos Montenegro
    Filhos Montenegro 11 시간 전 +1

    A filling of meat, egg(s), cheese, fruit(s), vegetable(s), butter, margarine, peanut butter, jam, and/or jelly (or another dressing not on this list); in a closed loaf of bread, or between two or more slices of bread.
    This is my definition. Let me know if it includes something weird.

  • Stefan Georgiev
    Stefan Georgiev 11 시간 전

    so subway sandwiches are not sandwiches because it's actually 1 piece of bread?

  • fireblast133
    fireblast133 11 시간 전

    I wanna see a simple diner that serves regular stuff at regular prices, but their menu is just chock full of that pretentious description sets. Like ‘a simple home style loaf slice topped with a mashed legume spread and fruit mash reduction, covered by a second home style loaf slice’ on the kids menu.
    Then if people can figure out the dish they get their drink free.

  • RCT ‘-‘
    RCT ‘-‘ 11 시간 전

    Matpat this was isn’t a theory

  • Ok Ay
    Ok Ay 11 시간 전

    Glad to know this, but are onions vegetables or fruits .

  • Erin Pura
    Erin Pura 11 시간 전

    Pizza *IS* an open sandwich

    MADMONKEY Q 12 시간 전

    All these theories are making me rethink my food I just want to eat in peace

  • Mrugank Jadhav
    Mrugank Jadhav 12 시간 전

    Matpat won the debate in first 2:15
    When the host asked the judge about hotdog and he gave her a definition that 2 PIECES OF BREAD and hot dog has just 1 piece of bread.Done.we won.

  • hi lol
    hi lol 12 시간 전 +13

    Matpat: ''how the sausage gets made"

    • I_am _orange
      I_am _orange 8 시간 전

      Thomas claims
      Alexander was on Washington's doorstep one day
      In distress and disarray

  • Denmark
    Denmark 12 시간 전

    In honor of this video, batman eats one more hotdog:

  • Jack Marin
    Jack Marin 12 시간 전

    You did not put a v in sandvich you say sandwich

  • AvatarBliss
    AvatarBliss 12 시간 전 +5

    A note to all Americans: Worchestershire is pronounced "wooster-sheer." But great video Mat!

    • Tyler
      Tyler 9 시간 전

      Or Wooster-sure

  • Nugg
    Nugg 12 시간 전

    7:17 Blue background like the 4th theory channel logo with the text conspiracy theory, I think MatPat might be trying to tell us something.

  • Elle R
    Elle R 12 시간 전

    A CHICKEN WING is a sandwich:

    Like if you disagree
    Comment if you agree

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar 13 시간 전

    No gyro old me it’s not a sandwich

  • Skull Seeker
    Skull Seeker 13 시간 전

    it must be hard to make theorys for each of the 3 channels

  • Verzero
    Verzero 13 시간 전

    Is ketchup a smoothie?

  • Dewar Alsan
    Dewar Alsan 14 시간 전

    Is soup a drink?

  • snail 999
    snail 999 14 시간 전

    Now is a Pop-Tart a ravioli?

  • elymation s
    elymation s 14 시간 전

    i can’t say that i’m offended- i don’t want to be hufflepuff either- bUT STILL-

  • elymation s
    elymation s 14 시간 전

    i can’t say that i’m offended- i don’t want to be hufflepuff either- bUT STILL-

  • country rednecks
    country rednecks 15 시간 전

    Hot dogs are classified as a glizzy

  • Bandana Boi
    Bandana Boi 15 시간 전

    Matpat = charlie kelly confirmed.

  • InAnAspect
    InAnAspect 15 시간 전

    Literally all sandwich shops anywhere I've gone in the last several decades offer rolls as their main bread type, often times outnumbering sliced bread, if it is even offered. These rolls aren't ever cut all the way through to keep the sandwich from falling apart. So ToGos, Subway, Jersey Mikes, Blimpies, et cetera don't actually server many, if any sandwiches. And if you are going to call those dishes sandwiches (common scenes would say you would) then a hot dog would have to be as well, as it is exactly the same preparation. This seems like a pretty epic fail in this video by not addressing it as fact or refuting against it somehow.

  • Timothy Guerrero
    Timothy Guerrero 15 시간 전

    I drink every time he says a sandwich

  • Inewbz
    Inewbz 15 시간 전

    Oh wow it's almost like we should have different names for different things... oh wait we do. A human is a human, and humans live. Dogs are dogs, and dogs live, so dogs are humans because both are living creatures that live just like how anything in or on bread makes in a sandwich, apparently.
    This stuff is as stupid as this comment, honestly.

  • WhiteEagle pioneer
    WhiteEagle pioneer 15 시간 전

    to make it clear a hot dog is filled with what ever body parts are left from the animal after the butcher cut the parts out that sell

  • Eryk Steele
    Eryk Steele 16 시간 전

    Okay but as a hufflepuff hOW DARE-... i mean your not wrong but s t i l l

  • wisnu lightning
    wisnu lightning 16 시간 전

    Be careful matpat it seems you get crazier and crazier

  • Socket Man
    Socket Man 16 시간 전


  • Diego Arendse
    Diego Arendse 17 시간 전

    now i know you didn’t just make a video about a glizzy...ayo thats sus

  • Ryan Vasquez
    Ryan Vasquez 17 시간 전

    Now this philosophy lesson is on another level.

  • darkmikasonfire
    darkmikasonfire 18 시간 전

    I mean... even by colbert's definition a hotdog is not a sandwich, a sandwich is between two pieces of bread by the loosest sense. As such a hotdog is a sub by all accounts, which is a piece of bread that's cut partway through and stuffed with things. A quesadilla isn't between two pieces of bread, so not a sandwich, it's between two other TYPES of a grain, but they aren't bread.
    An open faced sandwich is not a sandwich. If I start calling a donut a hamburger, and it catches on, it's still not a hamburger.
    However, if you put a person's head between two pieces of bread you can make a perfectly good idiot sandwich as Ramsay proved.

  • Benjamin Newlon
    Benjamin Newlon 18 시간 전


  • ItzLuna Playz
    ItzLuna Playz 18 시간 전 +1

    *Me low-key just coming to say I’m a Huffledor* (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff)
    *And I just saw a comment asking if cereal is soup*

    • Audrey KS
      Audrey KS 13 시간 전

      I took the test 4 times and got a different house every time lol

  • Kaitlyn Quint
    Kaitlyn Quint 18 시간 전

    OMG at 7:17 it say Conspiracy THEORY in BLUE!! Could be the last channel. Also hot dogs are tacos!

  • Bumblee_ee
    Bumblee_ee 18 시간 전

    So is a hotdog a pizza? One piece of bread with toppings

  • Souter The Savage
    Souter The Savage 18 시간 전

    The image in the background used from 12:48-13:07 is Brookfield place in Toronto, which was home to one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, but sadly it closed permanently during COVID-19

  • Carson Grove
    Carson Grove 18 시간 전

    Honey what is wrong? Is a hot dog a quesadilla? Panics too.

  • Trosel ingasher
    Trosel ingasher 18 시간 전

    If matpat wants to continue to dance around definitions and ignore the "two separate slices" part which would mean by that definition a hotdog is not a sandwich, then I recommend anyone who actually cares about this question should look into the cube rule of breading, depending on which sides of the cube is occupied by breading means that food is classified as a pizza, a sandwich, a taco, a suchi, and even a calzone. Because a hotdog is surrounded on 3 sides (the sides and the bottom) in this specific shape means it's a taco. Matpat, you need to stop taking the flat earther method of making up evidence to prove your preconceived notion that a hotdog is a sandwich

  • Alli Salmon
    Alli Salmon 19 시간 전

    CHEESE is allowed as a hotdog topping but KETCHUP isn't?? Wack

  • Diema
    Diema 19 시간 전

    hotdog is a taco change my mind

  • Calebrated Gamer
    Calebrated Gamer 19 시간 전

    Pepe Silvia, Pepe Silvia!! I keep finding all these notes about hotdogs and it keeps showing up with this name!!

  • Da Cherry Boom
    Da Cherry Boom 19 시간 전

    He pronounced glizzy wrong

  • Hedgy100
    Hedgy100 19 시간 전 +1

    Is there not ISO standard for what a sandwich is?

  • James Baron
    James Baron 19 시간 전

    Hm.. Whats wrong with carbs?

  • Diet Soda 1569
    Diet Soda 1569 19 시간 전

    chicken wings got breading. it says bread thats good enough for me

  • MGX93dot
    MGX93dot 19 시간 전

    6:51 is there much point using a USDA opinion? It mentions biscuit, which to the English would be a savoury scone, whereas a biscuit here is what you call a cookie. I certainly wouldn't call meat inside a scone a sandwich. Of course you go ahead and explain why that definition was wrong anyway, but I wanted to say this anyway.
    15:29 pretty circumstantial here. Is a hot dog where the bun split but they still used it suddenly a sandwich but not if it's just a bun cut not all the way? I've had many hot dogs where it's two slices, not having it buttered is personal preference, I certainly like it, calling a hot dog not thin is just plain dumb, how is it not a thin piece of meat? Or is a steak sandwich suddenly not a sandwich too? Sauce can be spread between the buns too, again, preference. Seems you're using a warped American view of the hot dog here to justify it not being a sandwich. Hot dogs aren't even American.

  • TheManTheMythTheLegeand 27


  • The Loco Latino
    The Loco Latino 19 시간 전

    Okay, but can a song be a sandwich?

  • Ikeagamer A1
    Ikeagamer A1 19 시간 전 +1

    4th channel conspiracy theory

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs
    APotatoGuy LikesDogs 19 시간 전

    Who is the water hot dog is A child made from a taco and a sandwich
    It has the formal taco but has bread like a sandwich

  • Tom Lopes
    Tom Lopes 20 시간 전

    So they did run out of ideas

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 19 시간 전

      New video idea: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  • Marvin H
    Marvin H 21 시간 전

    So, according to the answer that comes at 15:00; Does that mean that "Subway" does not make sandwiches?

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 19 시간 전

      Is a pop tart a ravioli though?

  • Gabe Guarnieri
    Gabe Guarnieri 21 시간 전

    Sandvich make me strong

  • Padman531
    Padman531 21 시간 전

    My personal definition:
    If I can eat this thing without interrupting my gambling... (the original reason for the invention of the sandwich) then it's a sandwich
    Hotdog = sandwich

  • Rose
    Rose 21 시간 전 +1

    but by the dictionary definition, a pb&j wouldn’t be a sandwich

  • Anthony Kerr
    Anthony Kerr 21 시간 전

    Grilled cheese is a sandwich?

  • Anthony Kerr
    Anthony Kerr 22 시간 전

    Open faced sandwiches aren’t real sandwiches.

  • 05Gamerboy
    05Gamerboy 22 시간 전

    What about bread that is baguette shaped cut in half, it is not 2 slices if there is a little part still uncut, but can define as a sandwich, also even does the topping sit on the side of the wiener of a hot dog, if looked at horizontally with the wiener pointing right, it is now not havig layers, but one layer with more toppings on the side,

  • Tselel
    Tselel 22 시간 전

    Counter point, hoagies exist.

  • moradan81
    moradan81 22 시간 전

    Well the man was asking a judge to make a judgment, she needs a definition. She is not there to define a sandwich, she was put there to judge. She was given the definition, she passed her judgement. If you are not satisfied with the outcome I'd say it's more the fault of the definition than that of the judgement.

  • Arturo nln
    Arturo nln 22 시간 전

    Also let’s not forget about the sausage sandwich the tradition the inventor of the ‘Red hot dachshund’ when he made it. Also that’s why the sandwich is also called a ‘Redhot’ or ‘hot dog’ none of this is covered in the show. Nor the fact that there are other sausage sandwiches where the sausage like the iconic one from Chicago. Not gonna lie kinda disappointed in this one. Just feel like it was less research and more just fishing around to try to prove a bias.

  • joshua witt
    joshua witt 22 시간 전

    If a tomato is a fruit does that make ketchup a fruit smoothie

  • Catherine the Unicorn
    Catherine the Unicorn 22 시간 전

    The question is non-related to the topic in the video but what if they took all four series put them together into one channel and then just have different playlist so everyone can come together and get one channel therefore to make more profit and we can meet together. And don’t even get me started with the Harry Potter idea I just had

  • Michael Benetos
    Michael Benetos 22 시간 전

    I agree with hot dogs not beeing sandwiches. And yes the two pieces of bread are always thin in what we call sandwiches. Nice vid matpat.

  • Brad Hanson
    Brad Hanson 23 시간 전

    Is a pop tart a ravioli though?

  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 23 시간 전 +1

    New video idea: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  • Michael Benetos
    Michael Benetos 23 시간 전

    8:25 Did he just say ''sandwichhood''?