The Squid Game Cast Reveals All Including Origin of The Red Light, Green Light Doll | Tonight Show

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 10. 06.
  • Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ho-yeon talk about starring in Squid Game, the show’s massive popularity and the origin of the Red Light, Green Light doll.
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    The Squid Game Cast Reveals All Including Origin of The Red Light, Green Light Doll | Tonight Show

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  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke 시간 전

    Lmao Jimmy’s laugh at 4:52 couldn’t sound more fake 😂😂

  • Mr.Andrew
    Mr.Andrew 시간 전

    Not much diversity in squid game is there? In accordance with leftist guidelines this show needs to be cancelled

  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom 시간 전


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom 시간 전


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom 시간 전


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom 시간 전


  • Dhruv Dedhia
    Dhruv Dedhia 시간 전

    I am requesting him to call Ali of squid game if he takes another interview of the show.....🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • MStubbs13
    MStubbs13 2 시간 전


  • loser 101
    loser 101 2 시간 전

    Jimmy’s fake laughing

  • Korean Handwriting
    Korean Handwriting 2 시간 전 +1

    오징어 게임

  • Rachel North
    Rachel North 3 시간 전

    Why was Ho-Yeon ( the only woman) asked about the doll and everyone else had these really profound questions. Yeah good interview but why is it always women who get the soft or sexy questions.

  • Aelita Mcgarden
    Aelita Mcgarden 3 시간 전

    Jimmy : When did you realize the show became so big?
    Hae-Soo: *Right now*

  • Raka Bag
    Raka Bag 3 시간 전

    They are so humble and down to earth.
    I have never seen K drama before.
    Just loved it..

  • Jason Heavner
    Jason Heavner 3 시간 전

    I hope Kim Jong Un doesn't get in a jealous fit of rage and declare war since the south is getting all this attention.

  • Milan Karan
    Milan Karan 4 시간 전

    everyone is so humble and amazing !

  • Anuj Choukse
    Anuj Choukse 4 시간 전 +2

    Where is ali??

  • aisyah
    aisyah 5 시간 전 +2

    should’ve invited anupam tripathi too

  • Edward Bolton
    Edward Bolton 5 시간 전

    “ I won’t give any spoilers” after spoiling what happens in the first game 😭

  • Nando Restrepo
    Nando Restrepo 6 시간 전 +2

    Sh&t, jimmy's fake laugh is harder to watch and hear in this interview

  • Kshitij.7035_🎮
    Kshitij.7035_🎮 6 시간 전 +1

    04:02 is it different what jimmy was asking and what he was answering
    plzz tell my eng. is weak

  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 6 시간 전

    This cast made me fall in love with acting and cinema again. I think to put Hollywood out of the picture and bring the World in to watch is the healthiest thing for the industry at the moment.

  • esra elhaj
    esra elhaj 6 시간 전 +2

    Is anyone else annoyed be Jimmy's interviewing skills, I don't know if he's nervous or isn't interested it enough but he is very very awkward

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen 3 시간 전

      He's just a moron. He think he's better than anyone... I freaking hate the guy, here for the guest.

  • osakaskuam
    osakaskuam 7 시간 전

    I'm sad they didn't ask her any questions... at least on this clip :(

  • Crystal d'souza
    Crystal d'souza 7 시간 전

    My English Accent is better then the host😷

  • Ben H
    Ben H 7 시간 전

    Why did he ignore the girl he didn’t even ask her a real question

  • Azucena Bustos
    Azucena Bustos 8 시간 전

    He completely ignored sabeyok

  • Dino God
    Dino God 8 시간 전

    Thanks for the video

  • Kagura
    Kagura 8 시간 전

    I'm obsessed with Wi Ha-joon♥

  • Vian
    Vian 9 시간 전

    Even Korean psych thriller movie is so dark it is well done 👍

  • 15 XA Vaibhav Khangale
    15 XA Vaibhav Khangale 10 시간 전 +1

    First kpop broke all records and now it's kdrama... 💥

  • Hazaf Satyasena
    Hazaf Satyasena 10 시간 전

    All the characters are very likeable and their background story are deeply relatable, even the front man and the gangster have interesting characters.. only the foreigners are the cringest part of the series..

  • Mail Contact
    Mail Contact 11 시간 전

    Is it true?... That in Squid Game, the salesman (Gong Yoo) was on his way to Busan?

  • Shreyas Bisas
    Shreyas Bisas 11 시간 전 +4

    Where's ali

  • Kristopher McKelvey
    Kristopher McKelvey 12 시간 전

    Jimmy... Relax!! 🤣

  • omri simhi
    omri simhi 12 시간 전 +1

    Love the cast !
    Jimmy is a bit annoying ...

  • Thida Linn
    Thida Linn 12 시간 전 +2

    Lee Jungjae is one of my favorite Korean actors. I recommend Il Mare, the original version of The Lake House.

  • Bhanu Reddy
    Bhanu Reddy 12 시간 전 +2

    South korean wave spreading all over the world

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker 12 시간 전

    First Kingdom (Koreans explained how zombie tv shows should be done, THANK YOU). And now this.

  • Chu Wei Hang
    Chu Wei Hang 12 시간 전 +1

    This interview is just awkward and cringey
    Its because of the language barrier
    The laugh sounds really forced
    I think not doing the interview would've been better

  • Priteesh Garg
    Priteesh Garg 12 시간 전 +2

    The fakeness of jimmy fallon is just astonishing. He matches the levels of indian propaganda media

  • Joeta's creations
    Joeta's creations 13 시간 전

    I am glad that they didn't show who caught him because people would be more curious and end up watching it

  • Fredy Mendez
    Fredy Mendez 13 시간 전

    Hope this show stops when its appropriate and doesn't end up being a game of thrones with awful seasons in the end. Again i was not gona watch it cause of hype but finally the hype was worth it. My dumbass watched in english dub for 4 seasons then switched to Korean where it felt natural.

  • Jc
    Jc 13 시간 전

    4:50 that is the fakest laugh I’ve ever heard.

  • Night Pool Productions
    Night Pool Productions 14 시간 전

    Korean film/television has always been amazing if not better than a lot of the garbage we get spoon fed in America 🤣 a lot of you just love to hop on a band wagon.

  • N1TRO
    N1TRO 14 시간 전

    Nice to see asian media getting more global recognition. The storytelling, originality and lack of creative restraints (pc culture bs) leads to far superior media content.
    We have overly polished, tacky, generic shows and movies littered with agenda political or otherwise. They see storytelling as an art form and whether its a real life show/movie or an anime series that is the artwork.
    In this age of political correctness and pandering around touchy subject matter people may be more aware of the feelings of others but creativity and self expression has really taken a hit.
    I miss series and movies that delved into the taboo subjects and unfiltered comedy. No subject should be too offensive or non confirmative especially in the fields of fictional media and comedy as they are there to explore society and its issues or to extrapolate from personal experience and opinion.
    Comedy itself takes a look at society and mocks nonsensical rules, behaviour or other occurrences. This turns real life issues and subjects into humour helping to normalise and de-stigmatise, bringing people from different backgrounds (race, gender, ethnicity, religion ect) closer together. By fostering understanding and allowing people with little in common to share a laugh over some of the issues, stereotypes, interactions or more heavy subject matter we can both have a laugh and forget about our worries and realise we have more in common than perhaps we first thought.

  • True horror stories
    True horror stories 14 시간 전

    Squid game got famous in such a short time hardwork always pays off

  • Raihan Khan
    Raihan Khan 14 시간 전

    "not gonna reveal any spoilers tonight"...proceeds to literally show us a spoiler on screen.

  • Arze
    Arze 14 시간 전

    this makes me miss conan

  • —
     14 시간 전 +1

    i love them

  • Hari
    Hari 15 시간 전 +3

    Sae byeok is like Korean version of Zendaya.

  • The Queen's Half Corgi
    The Queen's Half Corgi 15 시간 전

    Pretty sure it is hate that the show got picked up now, instead of back in 2008; Because I am not sure if it would have been as popular back then.

  • knowone2021
    knowone2021 16 시간 전

    Squid Game > Crazy Rich Asians

  • C B
    C B 16 시간 전

    Alice In Borderland is Better. The main character, robs an old man of marbles, goes through the whole game trying to win, gets the money, starts spending it and then has a moral turn around. Stupid show with a stupid ending. But the games were fun. That’s it.

  • Minoverody
    Minoverody 16 시간 전

    Says he isn’t giving out any spoilers but also told everyone what happens when you get caught moving lmao

    • nankhy
      nankhy 13 시간 전

      Nope bad acting and no depth of story, that's why they didnt get any attention

  • N B!tch
    N B!tch 16 시간 전

    How funny Jimmy understand Korean 😩

  • Eva Marikit Lumayno
    Eva Marikit Lumayno 16 시간 전

    does Korean can speak English in this video?

  • Lilo Is the baddest
    Lilo Is the baddest 17 시간 전

    I cant get enough of Wi Ha-joon cuteness 😍🥰

  • Ben Werner
    Ben Werner 17 시간 전 +1

    God i cant believe people in Korea watched this interview and now think all Americans act like clowns like Jimmy Fallon

  • Música Talento y Tops
    Música Talento y Tops 17 시간 전

    Television show? 😅

  • Gurpreet Kaur
    Gurpreet Kaur 17 시간 전

    girrr lol she said girrr

  • Phoebe Ng
    Phoebe Ng 17 시간 전 +1

    You guys should watch the korean aka original version. You will feel it even more. Trust me. The emotions are just overwhelming i am crying and feel the emotions really really can relate with humanity and people in reality.
    To be honest Ali and Saebyeok deserves way more. I feel so sorry for the both of them. I totally can relate with These 2 characters, She is trying her best to make sure his brother have a decent life and Ali just trying his best to provide for his family but he is just too good of a person who always get cheated and betrayed by the people around him. Thats fact about life cruel. They deserve way more. Hope if there's season 2 i am not sure how but i hope they will bring them back. I am not saying Gi hun doesn't deserve to win but these 2 characters are just too unique they should make some twist of these 2 characters to comeback on season 2. Netflix and Squidgame you better bring Saebyeok and Ali back. 😭

  • Giovanni Bautista
    Giovanni Bautista 17 시간 전 +1

    I loved them

  • Sam8787
    Sam8787 18 시간 전 +1

    How is this idiot allowed to host a show? He sounds like a total fool with no intellect whatsoever.

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen 3 시간 전

      He doesn't sound like that, he is like that.

  • Steph Prokop
    Steph Prokop 18 시간 전

    Excellent cast and such great acting! It’d be fun to ask what their favorite game was a kid and if it was featured in the show….Jimmy Fallon is still annoying.

  • Z
    Z 18 시간 전 +1

    his interview is so embrassing

  • Alexandre Gendreau
    Alexandre Gendreau 18 시간 전 +1

    fallon is faking his laughs.

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen 3 시간 전

      He is a fake person.

  • Thalia Diaz
    Thalia Diaz 18 시간 전

    Gentleman in the red sweater is so handsome 🤩

  • Gilbarwaters
    Gilbarwaters 19 시간 전 +1

    Finally a different kind of story. It had to be from another country. Most of the best series on Netflix nowadays come from other parts of the world. The U.S still with the same scripts and spending most of the budget on CGI in series and movies.