JACKBOYS - GANG GANG feat. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50 & Cactus Jack (Official)

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  • 게시일 2019. 12. 28.
    OFFICIAL STORE: JACKBOYS.travisscott.com/
    Produced by Nathan Scherrer & Randy Donaldson for Freenjoy, Sam Lecca & Jay Tauzin

    (C) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.
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  • Vonn Villuminati
    Vonn Villuminati 6 시간 전

    I’m really responsible for like 100k of these views 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bass Sky AMV
    Bass Sky AMV 8 시간 전

    all of the cars are life sized hot wheels and some are real !

  • Trevor T
    Trevor T 10 시간 전 +1

    Ladies and Gentlemen the new Wutang

  • xo lil boy
    xo lil boy 10 시간 전

    wooooo walk

  • Joshua Castellanos
    Joshua Castellanos 10 시간 전

    Erbody did 1000/10

    ASHUTOSH SHADANGI 11 시간 전 +1

    Me_ chusunga only .
    Scott chacha ka

  • Italo nascimento
    Italo nascimento 12 시간 전

    Travis scott o melhor trapper de todos/

  • Veillard Vladimir
    Veillard Vladimir 12 시간 전

    Just Vibes relax Trap Cool homies..

  • Veillard Vladimir
    Veillard Vladimir 12 시간 전

    Yeeah !!

    SKツZISAN 12 시간 전

    Me and my homies after the math examination

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone 13 시간 전

    Me like

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 13 시간 전

    It's 10:36 right now while I'm watching this shit

  • mayank jain
    mayank jain 13 시간 전

    Thank god tik tok dint killed this

  • Epic gamer Siller 69
    Epic gamer Siller 69 14 시간 전

    This is what I think it look likes in my head when me and the bois have the freshest fits

  • Kevin Sasso
    Kevin Sasso 15 시간 전

    dude at 1:50 wit sheck is my lifetime mood

  • yung arezz
    yung arezz 17 시간 전

    Is this the new wu tang ?

  • Doll Dog
    Doll Dog 17 시간 전

    Is this a collab with Tesla or something

    NO LOVE 19 시간 전

    I really want nsx and rx7....

  • Spriggan v
    Spriggan v 20 시간 전

    In the H wit ma
    S+cre₩ { } We outher€€€€€€€€

  • Kar3c -
    Kar3c - 일 전

    As a Don fan I'm confidently saying he is the best out of all the jackboys.

  • Ariel Gonzales
    Ariel Gonzales 일 전

    Los dueños del futuro en moda y music 🔥🧛🏿‍♂️

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green 일 전 +1

    *No hoes just homies it's lit*

  • spoiled milk for the possums

    How y'all calling sheck Wes underrated

  • Brandon Batts
    Brandon Batts 일 전


  • Storm Luke 19:27

    Crazy track!!! But that hook, my car went from Kirby to Bumble Bee, I had to pull over!!! So help me God!!

  • Muhammad Asim
    Muhammad Asim 일 전

    Hit like if you are watching this video just to check out cybertruck.

  • Shaaki Evans
    Shaaki Evans 일 전

    tax 50 look like jamie foxx

  • texakingxmc
    texakingxmc 일 전

    Okay Travis Scott so you want to blow up and then bring up the n***** from New York you're from Texas man come on now what's going on you can't rap with the n***** out of h town them fake ass gangsters California Real G's man them imitators you with

  • North Lord
    North Lord 일 전

    BABYSITTER CHALLENGE krplus.net/bidio/lMqFd4l4eW_DqWU&start_radio=1

  • Isaac Messenger
    Isaac Messenger 일 전

    Travis need to be on this long mannnn

  • Tigani dj vybz Hermitt

    Anyone notice 'tha bike' Scottie riding??????????

  • William Scott
    William Scott 일 전

    Travis is most definitely the line leader

  • will
    will 일 전

    are the yeah adlibs at 1:22 from the 2016 xxl cypher ?

  • ImFan YT
    ImFan YT 일 전 +1

    When me and the boys all sit at the same lunch table:

  • valon
    valon 일 전

    1:43 best part

  • nelson_ceb11 ceb
    nelson_ceb11 ceb 2 일 전


  • 21ST SAM
    21ST SAM 2 일 전 +1

    Don and sheck carried

  • Athyan Zaman
    Athyan Zaman 2 일 전

    What’s that yellow car who’s it manufactured bye

  • Proud 2 B American
    Proud 2 B American 2 일 전

    That Travis ad lib at 0:42 was too perfect

  • Luanmchaxi
    Luanmchaxi 2 일 전

    Don is so fucking goooddd

  • Abdu Hasan
    Abdu Hasan 2 일 전


  • Erinaldo Nascimento

    Esse refrão tá insano

  • Victor Ownby
    Victor Ownby 2 일 전

    i bang what i bleed thats fire as f

  • Camila Montelom
    Camila Montelom 2 일 전

    I really thought it was but I do gang gang tell ur wife be the shooter

  • Hans
    Hans 2 일 전


  • Praxlasio p
    Praxlasio p 2 일 전

    gang gang

  • Lon Schlong
    Lon Schlong 2 일 전

    "In the h reppin screw"
    Screwhead 4 life 🤘🤘🤘

  • snale ducc
    snale ducc 2 일 전

    2:13 c y b e r t r u c c

    FERNANDO SILVA 2 일 전 +4

    Who's Watching Because Of TESLA CYBERTRUCK

  • Yair Sandoval
    Yair Sandoval 2 일 전

    Just the way sheck Wes starts the song , straight viiiiibes

  • Lil Karls
    Lil Karls 2 일 전

    Sheck wes gang gang gang wewewewe

  • VortiZen
    VortiZen 2 일 전


  • תםא Ψωα
    תםא Ψωα 2 일 전

    the FD RX7😍

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 2 일 전 +2

    R.I.P Pop Smoke 🧖🏽‍♂️🙏🏼💯

  • Dallas Brown
    Dallas Brown 2 일 전

    what dance is shek hitting? what's the name of it

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D 2 일 전

    Why are people acting like Sheck didn't just float over this beat on expert mode?

  • Kashmir Díor
    Kashmir Díor 2 일 전

    Gang gang🤟🏾2️⃣1️⃣

  • Omer Chen
    Omer Chen 2 일 전

    R.I.P pop

  • V Akhilesh
    V Akhilesh 2 일 전 +2

    I heard this song when I was dying of blood loss.....but after that I became a blood

  • Duduzile Dumana
    Duduzile Dumana 2 일 전

    Sheck is the Coolest in the GANG!!!