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  • 게시일 2021. 04. 25.
  • This magician is very good with the slight of hand. Have you figured out how he makes the sticks go "through each other"?
    Credit: tt \u0026 ig iamshahinz
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  • Sasorizin
    Sasorizin 3 시간 전

    Easy magic I learned from my father hahaha

  • Vando
    Vando 3 시간 전


  • srikanth nallapati
    srikanth nallapati 5 시간 전

    Everyone : ok ok ok cool magic trick
    Me : *shoked* and screaming loudly like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • rael
    rael 8 시간 전

    life is fake

  • Eyþór Bergmann Ingvarsson

    Wery cras

  • Yuyun Fauzy
    Yuyun Fauzy 12 시간 전

    wow is magic O_O

  • Nacho Del cuvillo
    Nacho Del cuvillo 17 시간 전

    Look at his fingers every time he mooves he holds with 2 fingers

  • King_D_ANDRE
    King_D_ANDRE 17 시간 전

    Your Gripping it from two fingers and lifting it off you’re thumb

  • Jess Hawk
    Jess Hawk 18 시간 전

    Uhh... since when was Dhar Mann a magician?!?!!?

  • Jona B.
    Jona B. 18 시간 전

    I don't get it, even I watch closely I can't see the trick

  • PawDieFur
    PawDieFur 19 시간 전

    So I've always hated this trick to be honest. Never liked the way it was done since it is so easy to understand. However done correctly, via this video, it looks so clean.

  • アヘ顔大好き!!!
    アヘ顔大好き!!! 20 시간 전

    ohhhhhh i see i have seen some thick same this before and i know how its work you good man

  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz 20 시간 전

    Looks great. I use cigarettes nasty habit. Smoking, not magic!

  • chakib 5000
    chakib 5000 22 시간 전

    It took me teen minutes bet I now how you did it

  • Blox_suit gaming
    Blox_suit gaming 23 시간 전

    He moved it sideways

  • 프로행복러
    프로행복러 일 전

    너 이새끼 나한테 딱걸렸어 너 너 마법사지 너 지금 마법제1조1항 “마법사는 인간들에게 모습을 보여주면 안된다” 넌 지금 이겅 어겼어 신고 항 거야 깜빵 갈 준비해 이새끼야!

  • Angelina Langford

    I was not bamboozled today

  • Amir Emami
    Amir Emami 일 전

    He literally just says some words to keep you watching hahah the grammar is so hell: "This is the melting straw illusion, and it's one of the most visual things you will ever see, cos even though you see the straw go through the finger or through the straw back again, it actually looks a lot better from the back."

    MR GRIZZ 일 전

    Sorry but magic on film is just pointless to many ways to fake it

  • Lolgamer1177
    Lolgamer1177 일 전 +6

    I found out how he did it, when he would bring it through the other straw, it would look like he’s holding it with both fingers. He’s only holding it with his middle and pointer finger if that makes sense.

  • Fairuz Al
    Fairuz Al 일 전


  • Freedom 51
    Freedom 51 일 전

    Damn i saw it now i knew the tricks

  • Kevin Tristan
    Kevin Tristan 일 전

    And yes ur other finger covered with glue i already figure it out

  • Half Caste
    Half Caste 일 전

    He’s just sliding it behind but the angle looks like he’s passing the straws thru each other

  • Half Caste
    Half Caste 일 전

    He’s holding it with two fingers and hides the end with his thumb try again

  • TheSuckClub
    TheSuckClub 일 전


  • Eleanor Selwyn-Smith

    Ik how to do that just double look qt his thumb and then he pinches it with his 2 top fingers looking like he is still holding it and it goes through the other straw

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith 일 전

    How many blisters do you get 😉

  • L0NE G4MER
    L0NE G4MER 2 일 전

    Its so fucking lame, you take your thimb slightly off the bottom of the straw to put it behind the other, get a real job

  • Aaron Reynoso
    Aaron Reynoso 2 일 전

    When u think that he was gonna explain it at the end but the video just ends..

  • Oscar Serrano
    Oscar Serrano 2 일 전

    What I'm trying to do this and I'm feeling stupid because I can't do it because I've been doing it for 3 hours

  • Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs 2 일 전

    Thats some fast movement with your hand

  • brΔga
    brΔga 2 일 전

    wait what

  • jakeplusyou
    jakeplusyou 2 일 전

    Not magic just a trick

  • 뚱이
    뚱이 2 일 전


  • Christian Balane
    Christian Balane 2 일 전

    "WallHack Enabled"

  • Jonathan Atalig
    Jonathan Atalig 2 일 전

    Ok so one of the straws is cut in half and he either glues or tapes it on his fingers making the illusion that it passes through

  • Anne Roshini S. M. D
    Anne Roshini S. M. D 2 일 전 +1

    Cuz ,it's only one colour

  • Quposd ✐
    Quposd ✐ 2 일 전

    Me this isn’t going to work
    Watches it 20+ times and brain hurts

  • 『D3liah_ IsNoOne』

    I only have 1 braincell left
    and this
    Confuses me.

  • vince tejada
    vince tejada 2 일 전

    He’s holding it with two fingers and picking up or his hands are really sticky and pick it up right through the straw or finger

  • BMinorStudios Minor


  • vinno morenzzo
    vinno morenzzo 2 일 전

    My friend: *realise that magic isn't real*

  • Marie Augustie Balo

    Wow thanks for teaching me NOTHING

  • Matt 238
    Matt 238 2 일 전

    Every time he magically puts the straw through the other one he holds the straw with his index and middle finger whenever he wants to cross it together. He really good at slight of hand making it look impossible had to watch more then once.

  • jblsd79
    jblsd79 2 일 전

    Don’t show me if you’re not gonna show me how it’s done. Causes me too much anxiety

  • Frost II
    Frost II 3 일 전

    He is lifting the straw duhhh

  • IdvPlh
    IdvPlh 3 일 전

    He didn't say here we go
    Oh my gosh guys

  • Muhammad Zafran bin Naharrudin

    I'm tripping 😵

  • Mike Xcz
    Mike Xcz 3 일 전

    Its seems likr the one finger cover the staw but doesnt touch it and the other two is to hold the straw

  • 410connects
    410connects 3 일 전

    Yea u move your thumb

  • Bup
    Bup 3 일 전

    Now do it with only ONE finger on one end an thumb on the other...

  • Jaxston
    Jaxston 3 일 전

    Who sees that left hand tho

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124 3 일 전

    Kein Ergebnis, kein Like.

  • Pepsi-Cola :
    Pepsi-Cola : 3 일 전

    Whats the song

  • Stefan Thorne
    Stefan Thorne 3 일 전

    Can see how you were holding the straw with two fingers amd let go with your thumb very quickly good trick but can see how you were doing it all along

  • Albert Muller
    Albert Muller 3 일 전

    Sy mie heoe iets dan

  • Rendom
    Rendom 3 일 전

    My mind is too tired to process this

  • Johnsohy
    Johnsohy 3 일 전

    That’s some fast fingers

  • TJ nami13
    TJ nami13 3 일 전

    How how 🤔

  • big old pp
    big old pp 3 일 전

    I mean this guys more respectable than all these idiots who scream at the camera

  • Mohamed Eraghi
    Mohamed Eraghi 3 일 전

    ًhow did you do that

  • Đức Nguyễn Minh

    Hold on I need my eyes checked

  • Dale Cruz
    Dale Cruz 3 일 전

    well if you guys wanted tp learn about magic.. start with this. Learn to control the speed of your hands

  • j w
    j w 3 일 전

    “One of the most visual things you’ll ever see” wtf does that mean

  • That Guy Paul
    That Guy Paul 3 일 전

    How did you...


  • seth Appleton
    seth Appleton 3 일 전

    Guys ... The trick is that it's an illusion ... It's not really happening, that's how he's doing it. By fooling our eyes .... Duh.

  • Zeke Yates
    Zeke Yates 4 일 전

    Bro what? Where’s that one smartass breaking it down? They’re on EVERY VIDEO except for the ONES YOU NEED.

  • Melqui Napata
    Melqui Napata 4 일 전

    I know that trick

  • Rayne
    Rayne 4 일 전

    You know what really boils my testicle, when they show this amazing shit, BUT THEY DONT SHOW HOW THE FUCK THEY DO IT!