Like Crazy (미친 것처럼)

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 14.
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    Like Crazy (미친 것처럼) · V.O.S · Kim Subin(AIMING) Cho Sehee(AIMING) Kwon soohyun(AIMING) · Kim Changrock(AIMING) Kim Subin(AIMING) · Changrock(AIMING) Kim Subin(AIMING) Kim Minjae(ONCLASSA) Kyeong won Yun(ONCLASSA)
    talks about pain
    ℗ 2022 talks about,under license to Kakao Entertainment
    Released on: 2022-05-15
    Author: 김창락(AIMING)
    Author: 김수빈 (AIMING)
    Author: 김민재 (ONCLASSA)
    Author: 윤경원 (ONCLASSA)
    Composer: 김창락(AIMING)
    Composer: 김수빈 (AIMING)
    Arranger: 김수빈 (AIMING)
    Arranger: 조세희 (AIMING)
    Arranger: 권수현 (AIMING)
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