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  • From Director Christopher Nolan. #TENET, coming to theaters 7.17.20. Watch the new trailer now.
    John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet.”
    Armed with only one word-Tenet-and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.
    Not time travel. Inversion.
    The international cast of “Tenet” also includes Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, with Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.
    Nolan wrote and directed the film, utilizing a mixture of IMAX® and 70mm film to bring the story to the screen. “Tenet” is produced by Emma Thomas and Nolan. Thomas Hayslip served as executive producer.
    Nolan’s behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Hoyte van Hoytema, production designer Nathan Crowley, editor Jennifer Lame, costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, and special effects supervisor Scott Fisher. The score is composed by Ludwig Göransson.
    “Tenet” was filmed on location across seven countries.
    Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Syncopy Production, a Film by Christopher Nolan, “Tenet.” Warner Bros. Pictures is distributing “Tenet” worldwide and has slated the film for a July 17, 2020 release.

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  • Игорь Денисов

    2:31 Nolan and his producer discuss his ideas

  • Raquel Ortega
    Raquel Ortega 7 시간 전

    Cinemas will allow to watch the movie first and pay later

  • Tedd Pfeifer
    Tedd Pfeifer 7 시간 전

    Damn these out-of-order meme comments are getting so annoying. Does anyone actually share legitimate thoughts on these trailers anymore?

  • kenyon conner
    kenyon conner 7 시간 전


  • ludocrat
    ludocrat 7 시간 전

    Wait a minute, have I just watched this trailer or unwatched it? I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm already totally baffled.

  • Samrudha Kulkarni
    Samrudha Kulkarni 8 시간 전

    Spoiler Alert: Its Like word Tenet. Live Present like it would fix the past when time is reversed.

  • Channa Taylor
    Channa Taylor 8 시간 전

    You might want to give this to Netflix, there’s no telling when we’ll all go back to theaters.

  • Tony
    Tony 8 시간 전

    Nolan crashes plane into building
    Bin Laden: Noticed you've copied my style

  • w 7
    w 7 8 시간 전

    . oN: surivanoroC

  • S3 RO
    S3 RO 8 시간 전

    1:03 Scene is in Reverse
    1:40 look at the Back of the Car, broken Window gets reversed.

  • Selvi Satheeshkumar
    Selvi Satheeshkumar 8 시간 전

    Minutes mistry fans here

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad 9 시간 전

    Denzel with brad pitt

  • radpas1213
    radpas1213 9 시간 전

    So, this means that this movie can be watched forwards *and* backwards as well.

  • baedlowi mughron
    baedlowi mughron 9 시간 전

    Michael Caine nggak pernah ketinggalan 🤭

  • essa bu shahab
    essa bu shahab 9 시간 전

    uoy nac og ot siht eivom fi uoy nac daer siht

  • Maheswari Maheswari
    Maheswari Maheswari 9 시간 전 +1

    Who are all come after seeing this seen in minutes mystery like here

  • Brian Arista Marzuq
    Brian Arista Marzuq 9 시간 전


  • Adarshkumar B
    Adarshkumar B 9 시간 전

    Mm channel superp

  • Swag Bucks
    Swag Bucks 9 시간 전

    Christopher nolan is the hideo kojima of movies..... nobody has any idea of what the trailers of their upcoming project mean

  • vinith selvam
    vinith selvam 9 시간 전


  • Lisa H
    Lisa H 10 시간 전

    streamable.com/u2jzoo Minneapolis 5/30/20

  • Paavanam Shivakumar
    Paavanam Shivakumar 10 시간 전

    Trailer is very woder full

    ŔÁĞÛ 【ĞĀMÍŅĢ 10 시간 전

    I guess hero friend is the villian

  • yannick katayisha
    yannick katayisha 10 시간 전 +1

    This trailer is just heavy!!! It show more things but does not spoil! Coranna virus or not we will not watch this movie at home! Long life to theaters !

  • Akash Anandakumar
    Akash Anandakumar 10 시간 전

    I am the 6M

  • Time to Search
    Time to Search 11 시간 전


  • Vinod KR
    Vinod KR 11 시간 전

    Is it sequel or prequel to Memento? 🤔

  • Bharath
    Bharath 11 시간 전 +1

    Hope he won't do any movies regarding nuclear war or something like that.

  • Fifth House
    Fifth House 11 시간 전

    When you go to see this movie, you walk backwards to your seat. Then they pay you when you leave the theater.

  • Logi Venkatesh Raja
    Logi Venkatesh Raja 11 시간 전

    Funny concept, if this is true the people on the future will know that time travellers will come to future to stop ww3. So those who plan for ww3 will be like: surprise motherfucker (when this hero land on future)... dumb concept

  • Achu Maggie
    Achu Maggie 12 시간 전

    How many of you came here after watching minutes mystery
    Like here👍

  • kiri darann
    kiri darann 12 시간 전

    Anyone from minute mystery?

  • Ragnarr Loðbrók
    Ragnarr Loðbrók 12 시간 전

    "All I have for you is a word...Tenet!"
    Me: say no more!

  • Rafi Rafi
    Rafi Rafi 12 시간 전

    How many of them watching this after seeing minutes mystery

  • R aj
    R aj 12 시간 전 +1

    Who are you watching after minutes mystery.

  • German Enriquez Camarena
    German Enriquez Camarena 12 시간 전

    The worst trailer from a Nolan film, I remember Interstellar ones, much superb.

  • sachin rana
    sachin rana 13 시간 전

    I am here after watching tenet trilogy and i must say this trailer has too many spoilers!

  • shoaib mughal
    shoaib mughal 13 시간 전

    i wish Leonardo di caprio would be main actor in this movie......

  • Coolhand Luke
    Coolhand Luke 13 시간 전

    Cool cant wait wheres the mushrooms

  • Tamil Krishnan
    Tamil Krishnan 13 시간 전


  • Stabbed Crazy
    Stabbed Crazy 13 시간 전

    I would be amazed if my brain made sense after watching this movie... waiting for it to come super soon

  • Sai Bharadwaj
    Sai Bharadwaj 13 시간 전

    If I get the the power I can completely destroy the Corona Virus 😂

  • Loganathan Vipakaran
    Loganathan Vipakaran 13 시간 전

    Yarellam minutes mystery parthuttu intha trailer a parkka vanthavanga oru like podunga

  • Vusal Mustafayev
    Vusal Mustafayev 14 시간 전

    I havent watched the movie yet,but i feel confused

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 14 시간 전

    I can’t wait to see this movie but come on... Russian bad guys again? I mean.. why do all the bad guys in this type of movies have to be Russian? It’s just ridiculous Lol

  • Cedric
    Cedric 14 시간 전

    When James Harder Fake acting actually gave an acting job.

  • Pain Lee
    Pain Lee 14 시간 전

    Marvel: „I have the time Stone hahah“
    Nolan: „the way you were dead was terrible“
    Marvel:“uhm what???“

  • Khonsu X
    Khonsu X 14 시간 전

    They definitely know how to make a trailer. Has anybody ever heard if DC tried to hire Nolan?

  • Pain Lee
    Pain Lee 14 시간 전 +1

    Imagine that guy is beating his meat backwards, to catch his c*m 😂😂

  • Dr. Bobbingtons
    Dr. Bobbingtons 14 시간 전

    Add a public comment...

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  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +4

    I came from millers planet to watch this

  • TM2086
    TM2086 14 시간 전

    Studio Execs: You want to crash a plane?
    Nolan; Well not from the air, don't be so dramatic.
    Studio Execs: Well how big a plane?
    Nolan: That part is a little Dramatic.

  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +8

    Fun fact: This movie is already on theaters, but it's playing on reverse.

  • Pain Lee
    Pain Lee 14 시간 전

    Inception: „I gave you a mindf*ck, but HE.....he will give you a Soulf*ck.“

  • XtremeActionGamer
    XtremeActionGamer 14 시간 전

    3 Harry Potter actors in the same movie. Poesy, Branagh, and Pattinson.

  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +4

    How did you get the idea for this movie
    Nolan : The script come to me without even writing it. Paradox

  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +10

    Plot twist: This movie have released before coronovirus

  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +4

    Everything is connected, past present and future

  • Rayyan Momin
    Rayyan Momin 14 시간 전 +4

    The question is not where, or how, but when

  • Vishva Pvm
    Vishva Pvm 14 시간 전 +2

    வணக்கம் 🙏🏻 டா மாப்ள....

    தமிழ்நாட்டில இருந்து...........🤩🤩🤩

  • paul w
    paul w 15 시간 전

    Another noisy Nolan score.....

    INGTSH4DOW 15 시간 전 +3

    Minutes mystery youtube channel dedicate that your video trailer

  • Gunal S
    Gunal S 15 시간 전 +2

    0:51 Where is Interstellar 😠😠😠😠

  • julio cesar
    julio cesar 15 시간 전

    wilbur soot

  • myles orina
    myles orina 15 시간 전

    So you telling me Denzel Washington's son is the star in this film and nobody is talking about it

  • Shiv Kr Gaur
    Shiv Kr Gaur 15 시간 전

    fluer delacor and digorry too much fun

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu 15 시간 전

      Minutes mysteryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jaswanth Caldwell
    Jaswanth Caldwell 15 시간 전

    Minute mystery viewers❤❤❤

  • Vignesh L S
    Vignesh L S 15 시간 전

    Any tamilans?

  • Sajid Ansari
    Sajid Ansari 15 시간 전

    Like for dimple kapadia

  • Thirumalai Technocharge
    Thirumalai Technocharge 15 시간 전

    I am waiting

  • subash M
    subash M 15 시간 전

    any tamilans

  • Pavithra Selvaraj
    Pavithra Selvaraj 15 시간 전

    Love from India

  • Pranava Chari
    Pranava Chari 15 시간 전

    0.5 winds propellers rotating anti clock wise

  • DarkBrickProductions
    DarkBrickProductions 16 시간 전

    I just recreated one of the new TENET TV Spots! Would be great if you guys could check it out on my channel!

  • Go Fudge YourSelves
    Go Fudge YourSelves 16 시간 전

    The only thing to defeat corona is time reversal and i have a word for that "TENET"

  • king mohan king mohan
    king mohan king mohan 16 시간 전

    Who will watching this videos says in minutes mystery squad

  • umasankar ambula
    umasankar ambula 16 시간 전

    Release it before we died of corona

  • vasanth joker
    vasanth joker 16 시간 전

    Who is here after minutes mystery

  • Jagan Masss
    Jagan Masss 16 시간 전 +1

    TENET Movie Vera Level Time Travel 🔥💥💥😍

  • Fire Ranger
    Fire Ranger 17 시간 전

    Who watching after Minute mistery Tamil channel...

  • Mapher
    Mapher 17 시간 전

    Da f*ck!

  • raji ra
    raji ra 17 시간 전 +1

    Minutes mysteryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Tiray Newkirk
    Tiray Newkirk 17 시간 전 +2

    Minority report meets inception...

  • Luis Maldonado
    Luis Maldonado 17 시간 전

    Golden Experiencie Requiem: The Movie.

  • Marco Quiroz
    Marco Quiroz 18 시간 전 +1

    I'm warming up to Robert Patterson. I hated him, but he seems to be alright. Krysten Stewart, on the other hand...

  • Jamil Kampai
    Jamil Kampai 18 시간 전

    I see Alfred and future Batman

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 18 시간 전 +1

    Nolan could make an Emoji movie sequel and I’d pay to see it

  • Pan Cito
    Pan Cito 18 시간 전


  • Kobe Curry
    Kobe Curry 18 시간 전

    So this ain’t quantum break?

  • Jon smith
    Jon smith 18 시간 전

    Lets cast a movie stars kid when theres a120k out of work actors in the SAG - makes sense.

  • PrabaKaran பல்லவன் மாநகர்


  • Ibrahim John
    Ibrahim John 19 시간 전


  • Xtra Terrestrial
    Xtra Terrestrial 20 시간 전

    Ohhh, kinda look like a mandela affect theme

  • Random Rangoon
    Random Rangoon 20 시간 전 +1

    Nolan did it again

  • Aryan Dubey
    Aryan Dubey 20 시간 전

    Well Nolan really Loves Batman according to his selection of cast

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 21 시간 전 +2

    Always Russia why not China!? Oh yea they own hollyweird!

  • erick mendez
    erick mendez 22 시간 전 +1

    i just realized TENET is ten front and backwards. Is that the point of the title?

  • cubanstud7777
    cubanstud7777 22 시간 전 +1

    Viewer: But wait I still don’t fully understand inception and interstellar. Nolan: Well try and keep up

  • Grandpa Dynamite
    Grandpa Dynamite 23 시간 전 +1

    Tenet was a very good movie to bad it’s box office was low due to the racism towards protagonist

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 23 시간 전

    gonna be shit

    • Visuals For You
      Visuals For You 19 시간 전

      @Arthur Oliveira Souza Oh my god man, I almost want to like the comments criticizing this movie because of how annoying your replies are

    • Arthur Oliveira Souza
      Arthur Oliveira Souza 21 시간 전

      Go Watch Bayformers and fast and dumb,movies for your intelectual capacity, not smart movies like Inception and Tenet.