कैसे काम करता है Mutual Fund Market? जाने एक ही क्लास में | जानिए Ankit Sir से

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  • 게시일 2021. 12. 10.
  • कैसे काम करता है Mutual Fund Market? जाने एक ही क्लास में | जानिए Ankit Sir से
    How does the Mutual Fund Market work? go to the same class. Know from Ankit Sir

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    I am a non resident Indian, living in Norway and 67 yrs og age. My pssion is to see your videos and other documetaries to know more about the history and present affairs. I enjoy so much to your way of excellent teaching and the topics that you talk about that I almost regularly listen to your admirable KRplus videos. I am a subscriber to your topics and thank you so much that these videos are also available for us non residents. My salute to you.

  • Ajeet Kushwaha
    Ajeet Kushwaha 6 개월 전 +103

    This is exactly what a youtuber should do. Give information about a topic and leave rest of the research on the viewers.


    घमंड बता देता है कितना पैसा है ।
    संस्कार बता देता है - परिवार कैसा है ।
    बोली बता देती है - इंसान कैसा है ।
    बहस बता देती है - ज्ञान कैसा है ।
    स्पर्श बता देता है - नियत कैसी है ।👍💗💗

  • Shweta Kushwaha
    Shweta Kushwaha 6 개월 전 +32

    Comedy with knowledge 😊😊
    Multi talented Teacher👌👌👌

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    I am 70 years student of yours. I regularly watch videos.

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  • Ajeet Kushwaha
    Ajeet Kushwaha 6 개월 전 +61

    Before the beginning of this video only one things comes to my mind
    What is mutual fund?
    Mutual fund is a subject to market risk ,read all document carefully🤣

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    अभ्यास में दैवीय शक्ति होती है। अभ्यास से व्यक्ति भगवान बन जाता है। यदि आप अपने काम को अभ्यास की सुनामी से गुजारते हैं तो आपको सफल होने से कोई ताक़त नहीं रोक सकती है। सफलता की दुनिया में अभ्यास एक विकल्प है।

  • Kumudini Chanvaria
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    Excellent way of teaching specially for new learners


    """congratulation The only actor Who doesn't loses his originality in Any of his"""💓❤😇💥💓👍

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    Suresh Kenjale 4 개월 전 +3

    Really very useful and advisable information you shared on mutual funds , thank you ; Sir .

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    Thank you so much sir for your amazing teaching skill .👍👍🙏🙏

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    एक ही तो दिल है सर , कितनी बार जीतोगे ☺️thank u sir 💐💐👌 aap aise hi hamesha swasth rhe aur aisi hi video bnate rhe 💐

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    lampard ktw 6 개월 전 +11

    finally poor dad teaching everything about financial „stock market and mutual fund
    keep learning
    keep growthing
    keep savings

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    Rajendra Chouhan 6 개월 전 +35

    सर आप की जितनी तारीफ की जाए कम है।।शानदार लाजवाब समझाने का तरीका है आपका👌👌👌

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      Sn Singh 5 개월 전

      Best fundamental knowledge.
      Thanks for this good work.

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    Today after watching your video I have come to know little bit about the stock market. Thank you so much for your wonderful class... From tripura.

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    Masterpiece ❤️

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    Sir, 1st class Explaination. Very easy to understand. JAY HIND JAY BHARAT


    Very well explained ☺️

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    Thank you for your lesson,sir ji

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    yeka Awomi 개월 전

    Best teacher I ever had.

  • Indian farmer Saurabh Bajpai

    Guru ji आपने तो हम बच्चों की आंखें ही खोल दी वरना हम भी म्यूच्यूअल फंड में फंसने वाले थे ......🙏
    जब तक आप हो तब तक हमारे अंदर का ज्ञान है। ..चरण स्पर्श गुरदेव...🙏

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    • YT shorts
      YT shorts 5 개월 전

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      vijay vyavhare 5 개월 전

      @YT shorts mai youtuber nhi hu. Muze koi jarurat nhi video bana k dalne ki. Aise gyan se bhatko mt . Aap sahi jagah se pdho. NISM MUTUAL FUND DISTRIBUTOR KI BOOK PADHLO. NISM BODY EXAM CONDUCT KRTI HAI. HAR EK CHEEJ DETAIL ME PDHO.

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    I switched from watching useless tv series to binge watching ur videos... Learning a lot thnx

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    Gov ko iski security ke bare me bhi kuchh karna chahiye 🤔

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