All I remember is the top secret recipe of Gongcha.. | Gongcha part-time job review | Workman ep.117

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  • 게시일 2021. 09. 17.
  • Top secret recipe: Chodang Corn drink with 0% sugar
    *This video contains paid commercial of Gongcha*
    Everyone~~~♥ It's me,,,,~~~
    Today,,, we went to,,,, Gongcha,, that you guys,,,
    commented for us,,~~
    But what is this,, Long-ass names,,,
    And the way of ordering,,, Even us cashiers can be confused,, Gosh,,~~!!
    Seniors who work here,,
    They,, should be a megamind,,~~
    Cute little subscribers,,
    Hope you enjoy this video,,
    And visit,, the nearest Gongcha,,
    Have a happy Chuseok,,~~
    Stay healthy,, and enjoy delicious dishes,,~~♥♥
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