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Pokémon, but I added 50+ NEW Types
I took Pokémon Emerald and added nearly 50 new types to the game like Gamer, Smash, Furry, Magic, Sus, and many more!
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  • Luna Ponta
    Luna Ponta 3 분 전

    2:10 if this isn't a typo it's a pretty good joke lmfao

  • Endgameironspider

    Personally I would add the food type

    AHPURO 6 분 전

    its all fun and games until you have mr mime who has a furry type

  • Ethan
    Ethan 8 분 전

    "I" made a pokemon mod... yeah okay

  • MercuryMerc
    MercuryMerc 11 분 전

    I'm a furry and I've literally never heard the term "Glomp" before. I have so many questions.

  • Jelli
    Jelli 12 분 전

    28:20 You *know* shit's about to go down when Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion plays!!

  • Dinotawll
    Dinotawll 15 분 전

    Of course it’s in my state🤦‍♂️

  • Owen Coles
    Owen Coles 18 분 전

    This was a brain melt to watch, I can only wonder how it would be like to play this.

  • Vance Amazing
    Vance Amazing 21 분 전

    Your dad is a furry type trainer It's a basic comment, but it bears repeating

  • Mr. Slappii
    Mr. Slappii 22 분 전

    I would add the God type. It's resistant to everything except it's weak to rock.

  • Salty Stump
    Salty Stump 23 분 전

    I hope there’s an edgy type🤣(Also did you know the psychic type was originally going to be the Magic type?)

  • Nova
    Nova 27 분 전

    When are we getting Cup Pong: The Return of Alphadad? Starring Alphadad as himself, Ted Nivision as himself, Ethan as himself and the other talented creators. And of course. Alpharad as the bestest host out there

  • Random Person
    Random Person 29 분 전

    As a furry I can confirm that I use glomp on a daily basis

  • Audi Jones
    Audi Jones 32 분 전

    whats the song at 5:26

  • Saxdude26
    Saxdude26 32 분 전

    The water silly logic train was the moment I knew this video was going to be bonkers. And the song mixtape joke was when the neverending laughter commenced. 😂

  • Duckywuckyyy
    Duckywuckyyy 34 분 전

    Can we have an Orphan type and solely give it to Cubone?

    BURBUS BURBUS 35 분 전

    I played this rom and i have to say, probably one of the most fun pokemon experiences ive ever had. It feels like the first time you play the series at all, because you know practically nothing, and it's so fun to learn it.

  • umbreeon
    umbreeon 37 분 전

    I feel extremely uncomfortable knowing that furry type exists

  • NK Irmath
    NK Irmath 37 분 전

    I don't understand someone who makes an offer for something only to ghost, people are cringe

  • cult of hampter
    cult of hampter 38 분 전

    This is just fortnite but with more crossovers

  • ChaosTheUltima
    ChaosTheUltima 38 분 전

    We need an Animation type. Porygon would be a definite holder of the type.

  • Perry the Clobbopus

    Contrary shuckle with leftovers that only knows rest, shell smash, infestation, and toxic

  • MrKazu
    MrKazu 42 분 전

    How did he think the furriest Pokémon wouldn't be furry?

  • Mysterio of the Dead

    Cowboy type Or Rad

  • Hooty Channel 2
    Hooty Channel 2 44 분 전

    I love it when people talk about Oregon because it’s just a forgotten state no one ever really talks about it

  • lady's man 217
    lady's man 217 46 분 전

    Im a crab type trainder

  • John Smith
    John Smith 46 분 전

    it’s because it’s a bootlicker I’m 100% sure

  • 1llusionLeaf
    1llusionLeaf 48 분 전

    I’d add the “Real” type. It resists all the new types, but is weak to the original 18. It’s super effective against the new types and is weak to the original 18 types as well.

  • StrabbitK1lls
    StrabbitK1lls 51 분 전

    The subscribe type

  • Gouda Cheese
    Gouda Cheese 52 분 전

    Clay being a "ohio" and gun type leader is on point (you heard me,)

  • Flox
    Flox 53 분 전

    Oh man that kirby sprite is so cute

  • Mac McCallum
    Mac McCallum 54 분 전

    What do you mean ruined!? That's AWESOME

  • jake
    jake 55 분 전

    If you turn subtitles on, at 52:39 its just says "croissant." And that always cracks me up

  • Lemon lad
    Lemon lad 55 분 전


  • Sour mel
    Sour mel 57 분 전

    im into that if you know if i mean

  • logan goertz
    logan goertz 58 분 전

    Where do you get it

  • TheRealBiggieSmalls


  • Koko puff~
    Koko puff~ 59 분 전

    I'm afraid to know what they mean about the characters but as much as I've been on the internet I kinda have an idea but someone tells me anyway 😂😂

  • Dahooman 392
    Dahooman 392 시간 전

    Yes, yes i would.

  • LimeGrass619
    LimeGrass619 시간 전

    I remember hearing about this mod a while ago, I evem tried looking for it before learning about this video, but I couldnt find it.

  • Seth Bettwieser
    Seth Bettwieser 시간 전

    How did you not know what the types were if you made the mod?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 47 분 전

      he claimed credit but a few people made it for him

  • Iamround
    Iamround 시간 전

    Why does he have a Luffy hat

  • Nameless_Skeleton
    Nameless_Skeleton 시간 전

    That type chart is a sin against humanity.

  • LadyZubat
    LadyZubat 시간 전

    I don't know why but lickitung being a Republican just kind of makes sense

  • Evil Child
    Evil Child 시간 전

    Lickitung’s about to free all the pokemon (I dont have any modern Republican jokes)

  • Kirk Linguini Hoodini the Cubone

    These new types are everything I hate about memes.

  • someone you’ll see every now and then

    now do 5D pokemon chess

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist 시간 전

    wait so vaping but with water?