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An Unexpected Turn of Events…
조회수 824K21 일 전
Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal!
조회수 769K4 개월 전
Our Entire House Gets a Makeover!
조회수 932K6 개월 전
Official Moving Day!
조회수 990K8 개월 전
Finding Out If We Got The House!
조회수 915K9 개월 전
Our New House Tour!
조회수 1.2M9 개월 전
조회수 857K10 개월 전
Our New House Tour!
조회수 1.2M9 개월 전
Official Moving Day!
조회수 990K8 개월 전
Our Entire House Gets a Makeover!
조회수 932K6 개월 전
Finding Out If We Got The House!
조회수 915K9 개월 전
조회수 857K10 개월 전
An Unexpected Turn of Events…
조회수 824K21 일 전
Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal!
조회수 769K4 개월 전


  • Frank Parent
    Frank Parent 47 분 전

    14:22 Me when I bad trip on weed

  • DJ Lewinski
    DJ Lewinski 2 시간 전

    Love outfit one!!! Those jeans look good on you.

  • Meghan Harrison
    Meghan Harrison 3 시간 전

    Pink sweatshirt with pea coat!

  • Meghan Harrison
    Meghan Harrison 3 시간 전

    And PS. THOSE PECKS!! 🤩

  • Meghan Harrison
    Meghan Harrison 3 시간 전

    I actually love the “Uncle Joey” look most of all!

  • fabulos pear
    fabulos pear 4 시간 전

    So excited for you guys

  • Chelsea Ryder
    Chelsea Ryder 5 시간 전

    Cant wait for you and shane to be back in CO.

  • Joelle Segeda
    Joelle Segeda 6 시간 전

    Those yellow glasses on shaneeeee!!!

  • Trish Diggins
    Trish Diggins 6 시간 전

    I’m with you on the shopping. Home shopping rocks!

  • theskyeisfalling
    theskyeisfalling 8 시간 전

    The first outfit was SO GOOD!!! I actually gasped. Honestly, I thought everything except the Spongebob outfit was great💙

    DOROTHY. 8 시간 전

    Who decided first should have the baby first

  • natalie fruit loop
    natalie fruit loop 14 시간 전

    Awwwww seeing it all now..... amazing both it's a piece of u both together x

  • natalie fruit loop
    natalie fruit loop 14 시간 전

    I'd love to of put gold flecks going through the grains to go with the feel of the room x

  • Jordan clark
    Jordan clark 15 시간 전

    Shane u look so good in all of those outfits I think u need to stop being so hard on ur self

  • jenn
    jenn 17 시간 전

    This vlog gives me life

  • Nevaeh Reyes
    Nevaeh Reyes 18 시간 전

    the stripped carhartt shirt and the red hair gave me chuckie vibes but i like it!!

  • horacio361
    horacio361 20 시간 전

    Shane should do a collaboration with alpha m on style

  • TCU1
    TCU1 21 시간 전

    I feel like it’s time for a Shane pajama line! LOVE him!

  • Trina Hutchison

    I liked the 1st look. Look 2 is yes and no-no to the top. Look 3 is not bad. Look 4 looks nice. Look 5 is nice. Shane - you look just fine.

  • cherylanne15
    cherylanne15 일 전


  • ElleNotTheMagazine

    loved the striped longsleeve and balenciaga coat but defentely agree that you should hire a stylist. It would be an awesome video and they would know how to dress Shane so he feels comfortable and look stylish.

  • Sarah Nickerson

    In love with the heart from Shane 😭😭😭❤️

  • Nicole Holt
    Nicole Holt 일 전

    lol! I'm a middle-aged female Shane! Leopard print all the way! I got a suitcase like that :)

  • Marta Zaklikowska

    P.S. my partner also has mysyphonia ( don't mind my spelling ) and I understand the struggles and the feelings that come with on both sides its not easy I must say as you guys know you work through it. I'm so in love with him as you guys have too

  • Jessica_xxo_
    Jessica_xxo_ 일 전

    I have to agree with Shane on this one. Your not good at styling or picking out outfits for Shane. You should of picked clothes that would match his personality. No offence :)

  • Craig Littler
    Craig Littler 일 전

    i really do like and think the stripy jumper/sweater suits shane so much. 🙂

  • Marta Zaklikowska

    I'm soooo excited for you both😄

  • Alexis wilson
    Alexis wilson 일 전

    23:30 is Andrew vibes

  • Dimi Kam
    Dimi Kam 일 전

    27:37 love the jacket!!!!

  • emir
    emir 일 전

    Wow love the pink hoodie it looks so attractive on shane

  • emir
    emir 일 전

    Wow i feel proud of Shane he's healing from trauma that has held him back for years. Also he's a handsome guy, he has so many things going for him looks wise

    DOROTHY. 일 전

    I guessed the pecan pie’s correct! :)

  • Easy Street With Jen

    Colorado looks beautiful on you...even in LA, Shane!

  • Chelsea Crihfield

    I genuinely loved them all, minus the SpongeBob shirt! Shane has grown so much and it makes my heart happy!!! We love a try on haul! 😍 My only word of advice is try straight leg or boot cut jeans!

  • Krxstina
    Krxstina 일 전

    I think he could change up a little bit at time, like Shane could still wear this black jeans but change up to a spicier t-shirt. He doesnt have to change it all at once ♥️

  • AEO
    AEO 일 전

    Have any of you guys ever watch our father

  • Sadie Brandt
    Sadie Brandt 일 전

    I LOVED ALL OF THEM!!! You did great ryland!!! He’s just too insecure 🥺

  • C Anderson
    C Anderson 일 전

    Always makes me want to happy cry seeing you both living your best lives in CO 🥺

  • Jacy LB
    Jacy LB 일 전

    I’ve just visited Colorado and I love it. Watching these videos about your new house makes me want to move there too 🥹

  • Steph
    Steph 일 전

    Ryland’s first mistake was not binge watching the entirety of Queer Eye before styling Shane. Tan France could give Shane the Princess Diaries transformation of his dreams.

  • Cheryl Mcgonigal
    Cheryl Mcgonigal 2 일 전

    I bet if he wore boot cut jeans he’d like them a lot more!

  • Makayla Heinecke
    Makayla Heinecke 2 일 전

    Ryland is such an amazing partner to Shane. I love him and his personality.

  • Eden Armeli
    Eden Armeli 2 일 전

    honestly, i think everything looked so great on Shane! i know the feeling very well of not feeling comfortable in your own body, but ive been recently trying out some new styles that i never thought would look good on me, and i was pleasantly surprised. i hope after taking some time to warmup, Shane realizes that he looks amazing in all the new clothes!

  • chuchie325
    chuchie325 2 일 전

    I have misophonia too but Shane is dramatic 😂😂

  • Alexandra Girardi

    Would love to win a LitterRobot buut would be awesome if you could get them to hook you up with a discount code!

  • Ollie Noel
    Ollie Noel 2 일 전

    I think Shane looks amazing in all of these

  • Jessica Leser
    Jessica Leser 2 일 전

    I like the jeans, pink hoodie, and pea coat.

  • chuchie325
    chuchie325 2 일 전

    You can drink moon water, bath in it, use it for anything you would use water for.

  • uncoolxst
    uncoolxst 2 일 전

    It’s good to know Shane also has misophonia 😂 I’ve had it from a young age and everyone judges me for it


    Hire a professional and see if there's any similarities between what Ryland chose!