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IT’S HAPPENING!!! Our Final Baby Update! and VLOGMAS!
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  • @teliaarcher3848
    @teliaarcher3848 10 시간 전

    low key hoping the babies are closer to capricorns bc that’s shane’s sister sign and also another earth sign like ryland 🤣

  • @hanahburen4062
    @hanahburen4062 10 시간 전

    I love morgan and her adhd. The mood the feeling of deep difference from her family, saying she wishes her last name was yolk - morgan yolk @morganadams

  • @sandrablankenship9184
    @sandrablankenship9184 11 시간 전

    Great room, you guys looking great also

  • @Charliechar22
    @Charliechar22 11 시간 전

    That baby is going to need serious help damn

  • @HotLyric
    @HotLyric 11 시간 전

    Not me having the same exact cheetah print suitcase as Shane

  • @preshuspaige8395
    @preshuspaige8395 13 시간 전

    It’s so weird to see Shane loving minions after years of watching him mutilate them in waffle irons

  • @kykyanon5683
    @kykyanon5683 18 시간 전

    The marble fireplace is a bit out of place now with the other furniture pieces. That wall would look beautiful if you took out the fireplace and did a wall of built in light tone wood shelving with brassy sconce lighting above. Could be a cool place for new family photos!

  • @BrittanyIngraham
    @BrittanyIngraham 18 시간 전

    I can't wait for the babies to be here!

  • @thetunasitoshow
    @thetunasitoshow 19 시간 전

    “HOLD ON I HAVE TO GO PEE DON’T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ME!!” will forever live in my heart 💖😂

  • @selenagarza8273
    @selenagarza8273 19 시간 전

    omgosh shane is soo good at wrapping gifts! lol i could neverrrrr! lol i can't wait for you two to have your babies! makes me so happy to see ya'll happy!

  • @dxsssyz
    @dxsssyz 20 시간 전

    I seriously loveeee yall can’t wait for the babies 🖤🎅🏼

  • @jenner3013
    @jenner3013 20 시간 전

    You guys are so cute ❤ Ryland, i wish i had half your energy 😅

  • @msscissorhands615
    @msscissorhands615 21 시간 전

    I am so tickled seeing the gorgeous counter lol. I thought I was the only one who noticed how much Ryland says it 😅❤

  • @suxkre
    @suxkre 22 시간 전


  • @moniking17
    @moniking17 22 시간 전

    Did no one tell these guys how baby formula works?? You can't just say thie one looks good. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • @brilynnr5296
    @brilynnr5296 22 시간 전

    Video starts at 1:59

  • @ifeelnakey
    @ifeelnakey 23 시간 전

    The joy that Shane gets from spoiling Ryland every year is my fav part of vlogmas always

  • @rebeccabear2067
    @rebeccabear2067 23 시간 전

    When I had my baby, I was scared. And didn't know what to do. I watched your videos for comfort with my little one. Thanks for all you do ❤ Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • @charlottewilliams1064
    @charlottewilliams1064 23 시간 전

    Wait but Shane.. your vocals!!! PURRR

  • @desireeluciano

    Wow where did you guys get your tree from? It's so beautiful 🎄

  • @JannaBridges
    @JannaBridges 일 전

    Ok Shane singing Janet Jackson was the moment for me 😂😂

  • @Offgridwithourkids

    Me’s no foam nia

  • @marcussudman9071

    Shane: “You’re gettin a tour anyways. Here’s my bow area… so I have my bow area….” ☠️

  • @Illusions17
    @Illusions17 일 전

    Shane saying that he doesn't want to steal your thunder but he just wants his flowers is the Most iconic thing iv heard !!!

  • @mindfulsmadness

    I don't know why but "Christmas Wig?" has me laughing harder than it should. 🤣

  • @emilygallegos6236

    Sagg babies are the best 🥰💗

  • @dianna33154
    @dianna33154 일 전

    I have an orange tabby and she does the same stuff

  • @melsmith4527
    @melsmith4527 일 전

    That tree is stunning 😍

  • @alaina5265
    @alaina5265 일 전

    The nysnc Christmas album is such a vibe ❤😂

  • @mariahestrada8722

    These cookies fuck

  • @roberteagleton8704

    I'm just curious, does Shane own another shirt? He wears the "spiraling" shirt in every video 😆

  • @shannonwilliams323

    Love you guys❤❤

  • @shannonwilliams323

    Lmao ryland said something about I didn't even see the dinosaur....i said its an alligator same time shane said it lmao

  • @nickjjismyhusband

    cant believe the twins are almost here :") that felt fast!

  • @melsmith4527
    @melsmith4527 일 전

    I live in New Zealand and we have summer Christmas!! Also my daughter is a Sagittarius too!!! Yay!!! Can’twait guys

  • @danibrown9456

    Shane’s Doberman shirt 🥺🥺 I love it and so incredibly happy for you guys 💖

  • @freyalouise1046

    Hate to be that person because I loveeee you guys and am so happy and excited for you both but please know flock can be toxic to baby’s & animals ! ❤

  • @misaeljaimes6388

    Please have them on January 6th pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee❤🎉

  • @joypec6175
    @joypec6175 일 전

    “Should mine say mom” 😂

  • @mollyperry8230

    The fact you didn’t fluff the tree is making me cringe

  • @allisonfigueroa5129

    This video makes me so happy 🥺

  • @carolynmclaughlin8077

    Now that's a tree !!!

  • @AS-hz6hu
    @AS-hz6hu 일 전

    My little boy was born on December 20th, he’s a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp.

  • @teslalisa955
    @teslalisa955 일 전

    Just stumbled across your channel and absolutely love you guys. The new living room/dining room is stunning.

  • @biatch13abe
    @biatch13abe 일 전

    Is it like a Cancer thing to LLLOOOOOOOOVE to wrap presents and they HAVE to be perfect…?!😁I get annoyed when anyone else try’s to help me wrap any gifts. The edges have to be crisp , sharp and smooth 😅

  • @metrostationrokzz

    As a December 19th Sag real close to that Capricorn line, I’m hoping that I have fellow bday twins 🫶

  • @erobnew5181
    @erobnew5181 일 전

    L intro

  • @cornchip9969
    @cornchip9969 일 전

    Shane's mom is always so soft spoken. She seems peaceful and kind. Everytime she's on camera she's smiling and full of joy.

  • @BendingTowardsBeauty

    Yeah what’s the point of moving. Back to stress unless it’s northern Cali But they can afford it so why not 😢 I love Cali