Yunchan Lim 임윤찬 - RACHMANINOV Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, op. 30 - 2022 Cliburn Competition

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  • 게시일 2022. 06. 18.
  • Final Round Concerto II
    June 17, 2022
    Bass Performance Hall
    YUNCHAN LIM, 2022 Cliburn Gold Medalist
    South Korea I Age 18
    Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
    Marin Alsop, conductor
    RACHMANINOV Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, op. 30
    Yunchan Lim launched onto the international music stage when he was 14. He won second prize and the Chopin Special Award in his first-ever competition, the Cleveland International Piano Competition for Young Artists in 2018. That same year, he stood out as the youngest participant in the Cooper International Competition, where he won the third prize and the audience prize, which provided the opportunity for him to perform with the Cleveland Orchestra. 2019 meant more accolades, when, at the age of 15, he was the youngest to win Korea’s IsangYun International Competition, where he also took home two special prizes.
    Now just 18, he has performed across South Korea-including with the Korean Orchestra Festival, Korea Symphony, Suwon Philharmonic, and Busan Philharmonic Orchestras, among others-as well as in Madrid, at the invitation of the Korea Cultural Center in Spain. He also participated in the recording of “2020 Young Musicians of Korea,” organized by the Korean Broadcasting System and released that November.
    A native of Siheung, Yunchan currently studies at the Korea National University of Arts under Minsoo Sohn. Coming to Fort Worth, he says he is “looking forward to playing in front of the warmest and most passionate audience in the world.”
    Learn more about the Cliburn here:

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  • Sehjoon Park
    Sehjoon Park 12 시간 전 +1

    저는 클래식 전문가는 아니지만 국제 최정상급 콩쿨에 나가 자기 연주만 소화하기에도 벅찬 젊은 참가자가 자기 연주는 물론이고 협연하는 지휘자 및 오케스트라와 공감하면서 녹아들어가는 협연의 핵심을 꿰뚫는 경우는 처음 봅니다. 음악적 재능도 뛰어나지만 타인과 소통하며 조화를 중시하는 인간미가 더욱 빛나는 청년입니다. 부모님이 사랑과 미덕으로 키운 테가 나네요. 참으로 빛이 나는 청년입니다. 저는 감히 이 청년이 21세기를 대표하는 세계적 피아니스트가 될 거라 장담합니다. 늘 그 아름다움 잃지 마시고 음악에 사랑과 배려를 담는, 음악과 일심동체를 이루는 생명이 있는 연주를 하는 아름다운 연주자가 되기를 기도하겠습니다. 진심으로 축하드려요.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 시간 전 +282

    It was a divine performance. I do not believe in god but there is something beyond what humans can create. Rachmaninov must have planned his music for this moment and many moments to come as well for sure, but this must be definitely one of those moments.

  • Rory Russell
    Rory Russell 2 시간 전 +408

    Don’t miss Yunchan’s profound Semifinal Recital Liszt 12 Transcendental Etudes. Absolutely Mind Blowing. The masters have found a 21st century avatar.

  • EMMA
    EMMA 2 시간 전 +646

    I would like to hear Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 performed by Yun-Chan Lim. His sound is so beautiful. I sincerely commend him for his sweat and hard work.

  • Nadezhda Yotzova
    Nadezhda Yotzova 4 시간 전 +349

    I must underline the amazing job of one of the best contemporary conductors Marin Alsop, who carried this competition out with outstanding professionalism and musicianship ! It's truly a milestone for every conductor to accompany under such pressure. With such an experienced and gifted professional, those young guys, frying up on that stage, must have felt the support! Such a blessing to have a good orchestra partner 💓

  • Joan Jeon
    Joan Jeon 7 시간 전 +925

    너무 신기한게... 저는 평소에 클래식 듣는 사람도 아니고 자극적인 현대 음악에 길들여진 사람이거든요... 그마저 3분짜리 음악도 채 한 곡을 다 못듣고 질려서 넘기기 일쑤인 사람인데... 클래식을 40분 동안이나 집중해서 듣고있는 제자신에 너무나 놀란 사람입니다. 피아노 소리가 너무 몽글몽글하고 아름다워서 몇 번 째 또 들으러 오는건지 모르겠어요. 정말 누가 이부분이 좋다좋다 설명해줘서 좋은게 아니라 직관적으로 따뜻함과 마음의 울림을 느끼게 되는 연주인것 같습니다. 이렇게 신기한 경험을 하게 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 앞으로 많은 날들이 윤찬군 앞에 펼쳐져 있네요. 윤찬군이 이루어낼 업적들도 기대되지만 그보다 평생을 거쳐 어떻게 자신만의 음악이 영글어갈지가 더욱 기대되네요! 지금껏 해오던 것처럼 피아노와 윤찬군 둘만의 시간들을 더 많이 마음껏 보내시고 세상에도 그 아름다운 이야기를 들려주시기를 간절히 바라겠습니다! 앞으로도 계속 응원하겠습니다!

  • Slin
    Slin 2 시간 전 +122

    오케스트라도 돋보일 수 있도록 밀당하면서 사려깊게 양보하고 먼저 치고 나가는거 1도 없고, 말하는 것만 겸손한 줄 알았더니, 오케스트라한테도 겸손해서 연주가 완벽하게 들리는 데 이유가 있었네요. 이러니 지휘자가 울지. 너무 완벽해서. 역사적으로 길이길이 많은 사람들에게 칭송받을 연주였습니다. 정말 잘 들었습니다.

  • 미영박
    미영박 2 시간 전 +124

    훗날 위대한 지휘자가 되어 있을 듯합니다. 협연하면서 지휘자와 그리고 오케스트라 단원에게 까지 눈길과 호흡을 맞추는 피아노 연주자는 처음 봅니다. 진정 완벽한 호흡을 보여준 협연, 아름다운 선율에 눈물이 날 수밖에 없습니다.

  • Lim k
    Lim k 4 시간 전 +287

    18세 콩쿠르 참가 연주에 이렇게

  • JSA
    JSA 2 시간 전 +440


  • 알서퍼
    알서퍼 2 시간 전 +99

    He has made me love this piano concerto No.3 as much as No.2 which was my favorite. No one has ever done this to me by his play. I didn't realize No.3 is wonderful and beautiful like this until this performance. He is real genius and gifted. I think I'm lucky to see and enjoy his performance.

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 7 시간 전 +569

    seeing this performance live was such a blessing and an amazing experience . i felt like i transcended into another dimension when he played . he guided all of us through this difficult piece stress-free , presenting such a powerful and mature stage presence . the other two performers who played this piece in this competition unfortunately did not give me as much emotional feelings as Lim’s , i was in tears so many times , while forgetting i was still at a competition ! he totally owned the stage , it was as if he mended with Rachmaninoff’s soul as he played . it was so amazing to experience this historical moment , the performance still echoes in my head as if i saw it live a few minutes ago , and i’m absolutely in cloud 9 with this performer . everyone around the world MUST hear this . bravo Yunchan Lim , you absolutely deserve more than just a gold medal 🥇

  • Monica Ni
    Monica Ni 2 시간 전 +113

    This is such a powerful incredible performance. Can't to believe this is from an 18 years old! Just wow.

  • 놔봐요좀
    놔봐요좀 2 시간 전 +58

    다른 연주자들 것도 들었지만 금메달은 왜 금메달인지 알겠다... 다들 잘하지만 임윤찬의 강약조절과 감정전달력 강물 흐르는 듯한 오케스트라와의 조합이 하... 뭐지 이 사람은

  • 유쾌한ballet accompaniment tv

    소리가 청량하고 깔끔한데 웅장하고, 정확한데 기계적이진않고, 피아노소리가 폭포수에 쏴아 떨어지고 빛을 받아 반짝반짝한걸 어떻게 소리로 표현했지요? ...뭐라고표현을 할수가없네요. 내심장을 찢었습니다!!!

  • great park
    great park 4 시간 전 +110

    이제 클래식에서도 18세 한국인 천재가 나타났구나! 수 많은 피아노 연주를 들었지만 이렇게 소름끼치고 감동적이고 신선한 연주는 처음이었다. 임윤찬군 앞날에 축복만 가득하길..

  • Phillip Wilcher
    Phillip Wilcher 4 시간 전 +872

    I do not think that I have heard a more consummate performance of this concerto, wherein it would seem that all things are born of one another, everything is in complete accord. There is a certain understated elegance that allows for the spirit to soar or seek those quieter moments of self reflection so much a part of Rachmaninov and fine music making at its best. It really is an extraordinary performance, and I say this without taking into consideration the astounding fact that an 18 year old is giving it! What a golden age of the piano we are witnessing right now! And what a perfect antidote for a world as challenged as this. Testament to the truth that we are all capable of greatness, if not to achieve it then simply to just dream of it. After all, are not our dreams our destiny in waiting as does a glorious future in Music await Yunchan Lim! Blessings!

  • 구수
    구수 4 시간 전 +74

    지휘자님이 그린 선율이 완성됐을때 그 감정은 엄청 날듯. 다 너무 멋있고 감동적이었습니다.

  • Young Lee
    Young Lee 23 시간 전 +165

    As a concert pianist and performing musician Lim Yunchan is the most outstanding living talent that I have ever come across. The word 'genius' is a grossly abused and overused term in the modern world, but this epithet is one which truly befits this phenomenal talent.