TO DO X TXT - EP.90 Fire In The Hole Part 1

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 07.
  • TO DO X TXT - EP.90 Fire In The Hole Part 1
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  • Daydreaм II тхт'ѕ мoa

    Seriously got goosebumps watching Beomgyu today. He did so incrediblly well. The other members did try to take him down together (since he was currently 1st) yet he won. Definitely the ace of today's episode

  • Luhluna
    Luhluna  +803

    Beomgyu really was the ace of this game! He got everyone out in seconds😭

  • Millennials Works

    I think hueningkai is one of the most handsome idol ever. He look so attractive, and funny. He's such a moodbooster

  • CS
    CS  +363

    yet more evidence of beomgyu’s single-minded focus in to do: usually it means he gets distracted by hyperfocusing on some side mission, but today we see what happens when he’s truly focused on winning

  • Hyuka
    Hyuka  +138

    The way huening called soobin "Oii" after writing 3 and walking away just made me rollin' 🤣🤣

  • ChoiDil
    ChoiDil  +102


  • Adithi
    Adithi  +1

    beomgyu talking in satoori when he's flustered is peak comedy

  • Pandora Nora


  • 투바투쏘스윗

    최빠방 왤캐 잘해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 휴닝이 그와중에 죽고 다시 충전하러 가는것도 넘 웃기고 연준이 폼 넘구 귀엽고 수빈이 총총 따라와서 쏘는것도 졸귀네,, 태현이는 왤캐 잘숨어서 잘쏘는거야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mia Kato
    Mia Kato  +123

    Beomgyu is like a handsome hot villain on

  • Desiree Taway

    if beomgyu and taehyun form an alliance the three of them will not stand a chance 😭😭😭

  • Sofiiiaa
    Sofiiiaa  +74

    After watching this ep today especially how handsome beomgyu looked I’ve concluded that WE NEED A SECRET AGENT CONCEPT COMEBACK BADLYYYYY

  • gyuddles

    The way all four of them formed an alliance to get Beomgyu down but still he won is so funny! I would feel so embarrassed to go against him atp xD

  • Yoon J
    Yoon J  +478

    애깅이들 오늘 착장 미쳤고 기럭지 대박에 잘생겼는데 심지어 귀여움,,,,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ담주도 기대된당!!!!!!🫶🫶

  • Lee soogyu
    Lee soogyu  +231

    beomgyu hablando satoori cuando se frustra y haciendo quedar clown a los miembros es mi cosa favorita en la vida.

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea  +21

    beomgyu talking in his daegu dialect at

    KTIIIOM  +162

    Hueningkai y Taehyun tienen una increíble puntería mientras que Beomgyu tiene buena habilidad para combate

  • Edlyn De Guzman


  • 소피아Soh

    Beomgyu living his best gamer life out there and I'm in love with him because of it

  • Tarneem
    Tarneem  +52

    Soobin going off to help the staff pick up arrows at